Frequently Asked Questions

Can My business use the CommunityFundMe platform to collect money for charities or events?

Corporate organizations can plan campaigns and utilize the platform to raise money. For further information, please email "email".

Can I use many accounts to receive the money raised?

No, for each charity, we would only keep one account.

How soon will I be able to access my money?

When the sum exceeds N50,000, or an automated payment is made to the designated account regularly as chosen in the payment option, the charitable organization may withdraw cash. Individual fundraisers access the funds only at the goal date or if the funds are fully raised before the target date.

What does it mean when my card is not 3-D secure?

3D Security (3DS) adds an extra layer of protection to a customer's card. With 3DS enabled, you have 2-step authentication on every online purchase. You can only transact with a 3D secured card on Flutterwave platform.

What methods of payment are available for donations?

The following are the payment methods that CommunityFundMe accepts: I. Debit or credit card payments for bank cards 2. Paypal 3. Using unique fundraising as a reference, make an online bank transfer or a cash transaction at a bank.

Can I get the contributors' or fundraisers' contact information?

No, the in-platform messaging is the only way to get in touch with the fundraiser.

Will every donation to my fundraising page be notified to me through email?

Yes, an email receipt will be sent to both the giver and the recipient for each contribution.

How often can I change my fundraising page's content?

The material may be updated as often as you want. The cause and explanation, nevertheless, must be consistent.

Can I see the whole fundraising campaign for our charity?

Yes, you can see every volunteer fundraiser that raises money for your organization through the charity site. You may communicate with the fundraisers collecting money for your charity via the site.

Can I raise money for an organization already listed on the platform?

Yes, you may indicate that you want to raise money for an established charity, and the funds would be given to you directly after the campaign and at your desire.

Can I connect my fundraising page to Twitter and Facebook?

To start a campaign, you may connect the contribution Fundraising campaign URL on any social media platform, including Facebook and Twitter.

Can I end my fundraising campaign before the goal is attained?

Yes, the donation Fundraising campaign may be closed, and the funds may be distributed as needed once the goal amount is reached.

What if I'm collecting money to support a buddy who needs medical care?

The same rules apply to this as they do to a person. You will nonetheless need to provide the authenticated medical records.

Although I'm single, I want to generate money for my school.

Using the site, you may raise money for a charity or public institution. But instead of paying you directly, the contributions will be handled by a manager. This is responsible for ensuring that the money is used for the purposes for which it was raised.

Can I still utilize the platform if my charity still needs to register with CAC?

Yes, you will be held to the same rules as a person collecting money for a cause.

Can I include the URL for the donation gateway on my website?

You may include the contribution portal's URL on your charity website.

Can I utilize the platform if my charity is not registered?

Organizations, social clubs, and alumni may utilize the site to raise money from their members. The cooperating organization or staff may also use this to raise funds from their employees for a specific cause.

Should I sign up for CommunityFundMe?

Although sign-up is free and straightforward, you may still give as a guest. When making donations, please provide your name and email address in case we need to issue a refund.

How much does it cost a Donor?

Each gift is subject to a 5% transaction charge and bank costs. The costs are subtracted from the gift when the donor enters the amount.

How much will the fundraising cost?

It costs nothing to sign up and set up a fundraising portal.

I want to utilize the CommunityFundMe platform. How do I sign up?

By selecting the sign-up button on the main page, you may register for nothing.

The CommunityFundMe website is safe and secure, right?

The website is SSL secured, and the card processing platform manages all payment details. During the contribution, we do not record or maintain any card information.

Is the CommunityFundMe Platform something I should use?

Raising money is free and straightforward using the donation platform. We provide a safe and secure platform for collecting money through credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal, allowing you to focus on running your campaign instead of worrying about raising money.

Who is eligible to utilize the CommunityFundMe website?

Charity organizations may utilize the donation portal to solicit money from the general public. Additionally, anyone may establish contribution websites connected to nonprofit organizations or public causes, such as a community water borehole or a school building.