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Fundraising for medicals involves the process of raising funds to support medical research, individuals in need of medical treatment.

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Highlights on Medicals Fundraising

Urgent need for kidney transplant
Target: N15,000,000.00 Raised: 0.0
Closing: 31, Dec, 2023
Save Kamsiyochukwu Ugonna Sydney: Urgent Surgery for Multip…
Target: N10,000,000.00 Raised: ₦ 2,000.00
Closing: 31, Jan, 2024
Never been a Mum, but I am hopeful
Target: N3,800,000.00 Raised: ₦ 271,100.00
Closing: 19, Dec, 2023
Urgent Need for Bone Marrow Transplant
Target: N65,000,000.00 Raised: ₦ 60,100.00
Closing: 31, Dec, 2023